Uganda field research

Study Districts

  • Northern Region – Apac (population 250,000)
  • Western Region – Bundibugyo (population 168,000)
  • South Western Region – Mbarara (population 360,000)
  • Central Region – Kampala (population 1,200,000)


 Selection of these districts

These districts were selected to reflect the urban/rural and/or hard-to reach comparisons.

According to the District League Tables (DLTs) of the MoH Annual Health Sector

Performance Report (2009/10), the rankings of our chosen districts in order are as


(1) Kampala – 91%, rank 1 (top performing),

(2) Mbarara – 70%, rank 18 (midhigh ranking)

(3) Apac – 69.1%, rank 47 (mid low ranking),

(4) Bundibugyo – 56.7%, rank 67 (bottom ranking) (MoH, 2010).

This gives a reasonable spread of health facility performance for our chosen districts.

Other considerations included in the selection:

The districts need

-  a district hospital

-  at least one Health Center level IV

-  to be existing for at least 1 year


First experience from the Apac district

Located in northern Uganda, the Apac district is one of the rural districts. It gets it’s name Apac from the chief town where the district headquarters are located.

The people in Apac were so warm and welcoming. The AMSA team felt like at home during their stay there and easily got along with the respondents. The respondents welcomed the AMASA team with open arms. Thank you very much for this.


Akokoro HCIII in Apac District